Our Worship Service

We enter into God’s presence together, as Psalm 100 says, with thanks and praise. Our worship of the Lord is communal - no matter how individual our lives during the week, we are called to gather and experience His love, as His people, together, as a congregation; Therefore, as we proclaim Christ and re-experience His grace each week, we do so singing around His great story, receiving the good news together in prayer, song, preaching, and sacrament.

Why do we say some of the same prayers and statements every week?

Christians are often suspicious of ritual when it comes to church but aren't when it comes to other aspects of life: golf, cooking, shows on Netflix, etc. But ritual (which is really just a word for a "group habit") forms us into who we long to be. That's why we think our group habits help us want to long for God more and more each week, just like getting better at golf by practicing the same swing over and over.

And so, we draw some of the prayers and liturgy pieces we repeat each week from the most ancient traditions of the Christian Church, which have endured through time and proven to be a foundation for our best views and worship of God. Sometimes, we do not always know or feel the right words to offer God; how better then are His own beautiful words, and the accepted statements of faith proclaimed for thousands of years by fellow believers the world over? While these repeated songs and prayers unite us both to each other, and to the history of the Christian church, we hope our worship services always allow room for everyone’s unique prayers and individual expressions of worship.

And, including repeated prayers and liturgical pieces, such as speaking The Apostle’s Creed, singing The Doxology, and praying The Lord’s Prayer each week, allows our children (or, even those who struggle to read) to participate with us, imprinting the Word upon their hearts, as well as ours.

What kind of music do you play?

Our worship is led by a piano and guitar, with a small band of instruments and singers, and is a blend not so much of styles, as of songs, hymns, and spiritual songs; Hymns which proclaim doctrinal truth about our matchless Lord, songs which meditate upon his great love displayed through the cross of Christ, and songs which dwell upon our rich experience of his grace. This allows us to draw from a great rich sea of worship music, from traditional hymns to American gospel and folk hymns, from older praise songs to some very new songs.

How can I get involved?

Our worship ministry consists of an Audio/Visual Team, A Worship Band, and Scripture Readers (of all ages!). If interested in joining any of the above teams, please contact: Amy Porter at amy@churchotr.com.