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When does service begin and end?

Right now, we are offering a Family-Friendly service from 9:00am-10:00am in the AHS Atrium, with a game and kids message, in addition to a sermon and communion (practiced safely).

Our normal worship service is from 10:30am-11:30am. This service has a longer sermon without a kids message/game, and also has communion.
What are your safety procedures during the pandemic?

We ask that you RSVP to the service in order to plan well for social distancing during this time (go to the homepage for updated links). We ask that you come about 10 minutes early to confirm registration for both services. There will be a greeter and usher at both doors keeping people socially distanced, checking you in, and guiding you to your table in the AHS Atrium, which is distanced from others.

We expect all guests to wear a mask. Parents are encouraged to mask children at the age where you believe they would appropriately be able to keep it on for 45 minutes.

During the service, there are no shared surfaces of touching. Singing will be at the end of the service. Also, we ask that there be no ‘mingling’ inside. And lastly, you will also be dismissed by usher one table at a time.
Wait, where am I going again?

We are at Alcoa High School, which is right across the street from Alcoa Middle School. [The Middle School also has a church that meets there- Springbrook Vineyard- and if you accidentally end up there you will be blessed. We love them.]
What should I wear?

We seek to have a welcoming environment in which everyone wears whatever makes them most comfortable. For some that may mean jeans or shorts and for others it may mean a suit.
Where will I take my children?

While COVID-19 is still an ongoing risk, we seat you and your children (as well as every family unit) at your own table, a safe distance apart from all other tables.
What will the music and preaching be like?

We ordinarily sing a blend of older hymns and more current worship songs. Music is led using piano and acoustic guitar, which creates a folksy, rock kind of sound.

During the sermons, the pastor relates passages in the Bible to everyday life challenges– no matter if you are Christian or not, seeking spirituality or not, skeptical or fervent. To listen/watch sermon audio click here!
Why do we say some of the same prayers and statements every week?

Thanks for asking! We invite you to click here to check out our music page for the full answer.